Potential Bank of Canada Prime Rate increase on the horizon

General Leslie Morris 12 Jun

http://www.mortgagebrokernews.ca/business-news/bank-of-canada-says-next-move-likely-an-interest-rate-hike-226670.aspx The Bank of Canada offered its strongest signal yet that it’s ready to raise interest rates as the economy gathers steam, in surprise comments that sent the Canadian dollar and bond yields soaring. In a speech Monday, Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins highlighted how the nation’s recovery is broadening across regions and sectors, giving […]

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How to pay off your Mortgage Faster

General Leslie Morris 30 May

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a new home! You also likely own a rather intimidating mortgage as well. That debt may seem like a daunting mountain you’ll be chipping away at for years, but you could actually pay it off faster than you realize. Here are five hot tips from mortgage-handling pros […]

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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For a Mortgage

General Leslie Morris 15 Mar

Avoid these 5 common mistakes, and you will have no problem getting your mortgage faster, more efficiently, and with a clear understanding of the process: 1. Thinking banks are the first and best place to go for a mortgage Mortgage brokers can often beat the bank rates by using different lending institutions. The bank is […]

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How Your Credit Score Affects Your Purchase Price

General Leslie Morris 14 Mar

Your Credit Score that the lenders use, not to be mistaken by the Credit Risk Score you see when you check your own credit, is one aspect of determining your borrowing power. The better your score, the length of established credit and your payment history the better when it comes to mortgage financing. Let’s assume […]

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